PCR revolution


Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) based nucleic acid amplification is a fundamental technology in precision disease diagnostics. For rapid  disease detection and pathogen identification, however, traditional PCR still suffered from long detection time and tedious sample preparation due the limitation from PCR temperature control mechanism.


Traditional PCR uses heater or cooler to modulate thermal cycles to  duplicate DNA, which is very inefficient in both time end energy consumption. RiCHE NAAT system provide a novel solution to manipulate DNA directly at molecular level.​



ATOM NAAT based assay system brings sample prep to report less than ~30 minutes, with accuracy equivalent to real-time quantitative PCR. The system includes multiplex sensing for simultaneous multi-targets signal tracing, optional GEO-tag, cloud management, and mobile connectivity for real-time data acquisition and outbreak control.


Due to the revolutionary system design, users can simplify the operation without prior DNA extraction and purification. This cutting edge mobile molecular diagnostics device driven by powerbank enables a reliable and rapid precision biodetection for any environment that requires point-of-care applications.

ATOM Technology

ATOM (Advanced Thermo-Optical Modulated) is a patented non-contact nucleic acid amplification test. In ATOM build in technology, reagent can be excited by optical modulation to precisely modulate DNA dynamics and thereby nucleic acid amplification in an unprecedented efficiency.

Partnerships Service

RiCHE promotes “add and go” assay for customers requires evaluation in their field of interest. We welcome customers to join us for further adaptation of ATOM NAAT technology in their daily screening. For more information, please contact us.