Aiming to Pioneer and Deliver Advance Molecular Assays
Our mission is to promote our partners to achieve the next level of success across agriculture, scientific research, pharmaceutics, and molecular diagnostics fields, thereby augment quality of human life.

The integration between clinicaian, medical researcher, biotech engineer, industrial specialist, and business team, making us able to solve problems from bottom to top.

Team RiCHE
Lydia Hui-Wen Yang, 

Chief Operation Officer

Lydia is a PMP certified manager. She worked in optical-electronic industry for more than 12 years and experience in R&D management and new business planning.

Kevin Tsung-Ju Li, 

Director of Biochemical R&D

Kevin has 7+ years in the forefront research innovations in tumor biology, basic medicine, and nanotechnology. 

He is a patent inventor and held 2 national innovator awards. He holds a Ph.D. in basic medical science from NCKU.

Mun-Wai Cheong, 

Director of Production

MunWai is an expert in biological field with a focus in nanomedicine drug development, specializing in animal experiments, biochemistry, and molecular biology.

Lily Li-Fang Chiu, 

Director of Administrator 

Andy Yi-Hsuan Chen, 

Senior Research Engineer

Andy has 5+ years in biomedical data analysis and machine learning in medical images. He is currently an MD candidate in NCKU and with a B.S. degree in physics from NCKU. 

Lily is responsible for financing and administrative affairs of the company. She has 7+ years in budget management of research project and is trained by EY in the field of accounting.